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About Samantha

Chicago Boudoir & Portrait Photographer

— catching glimpses of familiarity and discovering commonalities you didn't realize were there.

I don’t want to be some random person you nervously book for your portrait or boudoir shoot, hoping the images will amaze you. I want to be the friend you can trust, the one you feel blissfully comfortable and confident with. When all is said and done, the images should make your heart stop, and then beat again, but with a new sense of unshakeable poise. 

I’m all about pampering you, using a refined, tactful experience to produce jaw-dropping boudoir photos.

Your boudoir shoot should be like a day at the spa — relaxing, fulfilling and something you’ll wish you had an excuse to regularly add to your schedule. Yes, it’s that rewarding! And unlike a spa day, contentedly undocumented, you’ll have a trove of images that will steadily remind you that you deserve to feel confident all day long. Interested in learning more about the wine-filled (or mimosa or sparkling juice) boudoir shoots? Skip ahead to the session page.

You should feel 100% comfortable with me. So if you’re curious (nerves are okay too), here are some more details about me.

Reading this should be like glancing through an old friend’s photo album

I love the thrill of being adventurous and trying new things. Some people are terrified of change, but I am someone who loves it. I love going to different restaurants, eating exotic food, trying drastically different hairstyles, going to unique places for vacation, and (something I have recently learned) changing where I live. I believe in experiencing as much as you can in life.

taking thrilling adventures

Who doesn't love to eat charcuterie while sipping their favorite beverage and listening to a live band play?! It's such a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

trying breweries and wineries

I have an obsession with dogs!


Whether that's going to the gym, playing beach volleyball, or taking my dog on long walks — it always feels good to do something for myself. I also love going kayaking, feeling the beat of the warm sun on my face. 

living an active lifestyle

I love helping others. I have always been one to lend a helping hand when needed. I don't believe there is a better feeling one can have than when they realize they've made a positive impact on someone's life.

serving others

I mean it when I say that we can be best friends by the end of the shoot. I love to connect with people of all ages, colors and backgrounds. Having these kinds of relationships enable me to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.


things I love

my background & beliefs

I was a health coach and personal trainer. Oh mylanta, I saw firsthand how likely we are as women to dwell on our flaws, forgetting to notice the beauty our loved ones see every day. Photography has helped me show women just how beautiful they are.

connect with me

I love making a difference in how women see themselves. 

I’ve photographed countless women and the transformation in confidence never gets old. Somehow, it makes each woman even more dazzling.

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That’s enough about me. I want to get to know you! Let’s schedule a casual chat over coffee (possibly my third cup of the day) to see if it’s a good fit. Just send a message here and I’ll pencil you in. I can’t wait to get to know you.

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