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What is boudoir photography?

I love when someone asks me what kind of photography I do because I always get a kick out of the puzzled look on their face when I say “boudoir”. It is crazy how so many people still don’t know what boudoir photography is and many still find it a bit taboo. So, what is boudoir photography?

I’m here to explain the ins and outs of boudoir, why it’s so important to me, and why you will love it! Boudoir photos are usually sensual photos of a woman (or a man – we are inclusive here at Samantha Eppel Photography!) in lingerie or even gasp completely bare! 

Boudoir is the French word for a woman’s bedroom or private room, both of which usually are spaces where women can be their most vulnerable and confident. This is why you’ll commonly find boudoir photos taken in-home, at a hotel, or in a studio. Boudoir has developed so much in recent years that there are now many different kinds of boudoir sessions ranging from bridal to maternity to even the current ever-popular couples boudoir session!

What boudoir means to me

Boudoir means so much more to me than just taking photos of women in a bedroom. It means giving someone the ability to finally see their beauty from a NEW perspective. Boudoir means building up a woman’s confidence after years of nit-picking everything about themselves that they have viewed as flawed. It means showcasing that everybody is beautiful, photogenic, and should be shown off! It means letting go of the unrealistic standard of “perfection” that society has taught us to strive for and let our wild hair, scars, stretch marks, and laugh lines be celebrated!

The photos from your boudoir session should tell a story about who you are as a person – a side of you that nobody gets to really see. Every woman deserves to feel like a goddess for a day. Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a boudoir package to give as a gift for your significant other or this is just a confidence boost for yourself – I promise you will love having a day where you are the center of attention!

Samantha Eppel Photography is a Chicago based boudoir and portrait photographer. To get in touch, complete an inquiry form here.


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