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Top 4 Creative Boudoir Gifts

I get it, you want to give your significant other the perfect gift: something thoughtful, personal, and sweet that says, “I love you.”

A gift option many people don’t think of are boudoir images. These are sensual, classy photos of you, created just for the one you love (it doubles as an empowering gift for you as well!).

This is why I’ve put together four of my favorite ways to present your partner with boudoir images for almost any occasion – Wedding gift, Valentines Day, Christmas, Anniversary, or just because!

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A Sultry Album

One of the best ways to turn your session into a special boudoir gift is to create an album just for them. Of course, this isn’t a gift you want to give them in front of your family and friends, so find a private moment to slip the album into their hands. Just watch their reaction as they flip through the images! Plus, they can keep the album in their nightstand to enjoy…later.

Wall art that will make their jaw drop

I know what you’re thinking: I don’t want a nearly naked photo of myself on the wall of my house! I’m not suggesting in the living area! But setting the tone for your bedroom to be a private space for the two of you that is sexy and gorgeous is a great gift! It’s even a great piece to hang in their closet, or yours, to give you that extra dose of confidence every time you walk in.

Teasing Prints

A fun way to lead up to the giving the gift of a boudoir album is to hide prints from your boudoir session in places they are sure to find them. Sneak a photo into their sock drawer or behind his toothpaste in the cabinet. Then you can give them the full album of photos before the special occasion.

A Booty-ful Calendar

A calendar may seem like an odd gift, but a pinup calendar featuring you as your sexiest, most confident self is sure to make them smile. Whether it’s a small calendar to keep in their car or a larger one for their home office, your images are sure to make their day any day of the week!

Interested in learning more about other kinds of boudoir gifts? Contact me! I’d love to grab some coffee and get to know exactly what you’re looking for!

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